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Our energy behind 德州 is stronger than ever as we leverage the state’s resources to meet the challenge of increasing global energy demand through the delivery of lower-carbon energy solutions. See how we're connecting millions of Texans — with power and resources — in an effort to strengthen our communities and shape the future.


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Largest Utility in 德州, Serving 10 Million Customers

Dallas-based Oncor handles transmission and distribution covering more than 139,000 miles of lines and 3.6 million advanced meters that optimize the 德州 grid. 使用 predictive analytics to monitor storms and peak demand, Oncor identifies problem areas to avoid interruptions and restore service quickly.

With billions of dollars invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technologies, Oncor的创新 doesn’t have an off switch. We have an 80 percent ownership in Oncor and are proud to back more than 4,000 Oncor employees as they champion an electric future that empowers modern life.


A World-Class LNG Project Under Development to Unlock America’s Energy Potential

Through 菠菜app有哪些 Infrastructure, we are developing a proposed liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminal on 3,000 acres that is designed to enable the export of 11 million tons per year. Port Arthur could allow us to take abundant natural gas from areas like the Permian Basin and safely deliver cleaner burning energy to the world.


Regional Vice President, 德州

Brian Lloyd puts all his energy behind our initiatives in 德州 where he leads public affairs, communications and corporate citizenship efforts. Previously, Lloyd served as 菠菜app有哪些’s director of regulatory strategy. Prior to joining our team, Lloyd served as executive director of the Public Utility Commission of 德州, where he was responsible for the daily operations and management of the agency, strategic planning, and policy development and implementation.

Lloyd also served as Governor Rick Perry’s deputy director of budget, planning and policy, and served as the Governor’s primary energy policy advisor. Lloyd has worked in a variety of roles at the Public Utility Commission and private industry related to electricity market restructuring and was the principal author of the 2008 德州 State Energy Plan developed by the Governor’s Competitiveness Council. Lloyd has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Louisiana State University and earned his master’s degree in economics from the University of 德州 at Austin.

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Strengthening 德州 Communities

our energy behind 德州 includes serving others and supporting the organizations addressing the greatest needs within the state.